About this site: Content

How is the site organized?

Aside from general personal information and news under the home tab this site is a collection of short articles I have written. The articles are classified into sections indicated by the tabbed interface. If I write a new article I will put it under the appropriate tab and put a link to it in the news section. The news section is my Twitter feed.

Who cares about what John Fulton has to say?

Probably not a lot of people, perhaps just some of my friends.

This site contains content in relation to the titles of the above tabs. A lot of this site exists mostly for my own use. It offers me the following benefits:

  1. I find that writing forces me to take a perspective on my life and helps me to organize my ideas.
  2. By putting my ideas on the web I can access them from most places that I end up.
  3. If any of my ideas are usefull for others I can easily share them.
  4. Most of the ideas on this site are ones that I don't mind making public.
  5. Most people are happy to express their opinions, including me.

Feel free to link to anything you find useful.