About this site: Technical

This site is hosted with http://prgmr.com/. The domain name jfulton.org simply HTTP forwards to http://fultonj.xen.prgmr.com With my previous, and more expensive, hosting company I was able to designate their name servers as authoritative but I don't have that option with this new host and that's OK with me.

This site was designed to keep the organization, presentation, and content orthogonal with respect to updates.

There are three main aspects:

I. Categorization

This website is a collection of documents that have been categorized into topics. The categorization is represented by an XML document which is parsed and turned into a data structure by a PHP Script. (I am not proud to have used XML).

II. Presentation from categorization

A PHP Script extracts content from the data structure that maintains the categorization and an XHTML document calls the script to display the content.

III. Presentation of each document

Each document that is displayed is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and the look of the site is controlled with a Cascading Style Sheet .

This approach allows me to organize the layout of the site easily in a format that is universal. I only need to edit my XML document to change how things are categorzied (i.e. I don't have to update any links).

The separation between the structure (XHTML) and the presentation (CSS) allows me to update the site's look easily and even lets the end user change skins.

Front Page News Content

The front page news content was originally readfile'd from a very simple blog I wrote a long time ago. I have since deleted the code and saved the full output under an Archive. I opted to change the news site to my Twitter stream since I update that more often.