One year with Dillinger

I used to play the guitar in The Dillinger Escape Plan. Here is how I remember my part in their story:

While on tour I decided that I wanted to leave the band. I was burned out on the guitar and wanted to focus on computer science. I am not trying to say that everyone should do this, it was just my personal feeling. I still enjoy playing the guitar on a part-time basis. It is too much of a part of me to just drop, but at the time I simply lost the drive to play it like I used to. I found that I enjoyed putting my energy into other creative processes. It may sound strange, but I actually think that programming is artistic in a way that is similar to creating music.

I let the guys know that I wanted to quit the band at the end of the Summer tour. However I came back to do some shows in the Fall of 1998 until Brian Benoit took over on second guitar. I had a really good time playing with Dillinger and I thank them for giving me the opportunity to play with them.